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Two New Deities & Bestowal Son Discussion
« on: September 20, 2020, 12:46:20 pm »

Two New Deities & Bestowal Son Discussion
September 20, 2020
York, Pa noon local time
Ron Besser Transmitter/Receiver

“This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.   I am speaking today on the idea of two new Deities.  Ron reported them out to Sue Whiley on her post about social media, like Facebook, controlling too much time for young people in particular.  Well, the problem is even worse as Ron points out and that it is used for evil and seditious purposes by individuals who foment revolution and not revelation.

“I fully agree with Ron, that should our Missions to Urantia take wing, Facebook and Twitter, and all like them will be taken down for a duration determined in time by us.

“Further, you who are now working the idea of a NUA (New Universe Age), must agree to conditions that are not in liking to anyone including Myself.  For that reason I am declaring the following for all of you to think about:

1 - There is to be no further exposition on supremacy again.  The FATHER spoke fully in the post to Whiley and you must read it if you want to hear what the new Deity is to be and not to be now per the FATHER and MYSELF, MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

Link to Whiley post and Father’s speech:

2 - There is to be a realignment with Ron and Amethyst and Clency in particular since these three carry the bulk of the LIGHTLINE subscribers for now.  Amethyst is still wondering why she bothers; Ron is seeing a total debasement of the activity by the new Deity; Clecny finds it so hard moving the Lightline he hosts as to decide he is calling it over if it does not improve soon.   And so it goes, and so IT MUST NOT GO!!

3 - No one will ever get me to agree that Ron is lost although he is so estranged over much pain and suffering he sees no point to physical existence as the new Deity–  actually 2 new Deities– realizes He must avenge this problem but does not know how in the slightest.  We do and will provide the answer.  This further reduces the influence of the new Deity over Urantia in particular;

4 - I favor no further elucidation of this new Deity, two of them in actual practice. But must obey Paradise until this morning, and that is when the FATHER OF ALL represented that the new Deities are now withdrawn from URANTIA, for the time being.  That is a signal we must revert to the normalcy of the old 4th epochal dispensation and revelation;

5 - We dare not favor one Deity over the other, but we must make amends with the present welfare of Urantia, and that is to make sure that the present Urantia, is not toppled over into remedial revolution before it receives the blessings of a Bestowal Son, Jesus of Nazareth, and for that reason Ron is hereby directed to release Bulleting 19, as we must amend it for the 4th time again, and allow it to follow its course among the readership.  It is to be preceded by what Ron calls his TEASE.  It is Biblical in many ways and most of you will find it eye pleasing.

6 - I dare not obscure the fact that the new Deities, two of them over Urantia, have no name yet, and FATHER says they are withdrawn in any case for now.  Ron finds that useful but is in such pain again over an accident of time, we must release the entire matter to the supreme not, but to the Creator Son truly, and for that reason we restate what we always must come back to:

No one will ever defeat the FATHER nor will no one defeat the CREATOR SON and DAUGHTER, but the Daughter is gone and I, the Creator Son am left to my own devices in this degree of agony on all of us again.  I am sure no one will ever feel for Me what I feel for My creation, but this time we must place the entire matter before the FATHER and be sure we are in accordance with his attitude and view just what must be done.  Therefore the following must be heeded:

    a - We must align with the Paradise Father;
    b - We must stand proud with Michael of Nebadon;
    c - We are fully aroused over the Creative Spirit and its ilk and refuse further comment but will take lethal action if required;
    d - We decry the use of force but will use it to insist there is order on Urantia once more;
    e - We speak slowly and carefully that Ron and all Hosts of Lightline will receive better attention soon and provide the service very well stated again;
    f - Finally, I am recovering what is left of the Second Return policy chambers we use to do this, and we will go forward with the Second Return once we are sure we have this together properly.

“It is these six things above I am concentrating on today and every day now for the next few months for Urantia.

“Do not concern yourselves with previous LIGHTLINE statements since they are fully unaware of the two new Deities but which are surreptiously removed today for reasons the FATHER states Himself over these final hours before I must return as Jesus of Nazareth myself.

“Good day to all, and you Ron, suffer the little children not for now but pray for your survival as I am back in the fray again and need your full support over many issues yet to be settled on Urantia too.  Thank you.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.”

Ron Besser - I am fully aware of the disaster in my own case.  I do not dislike the new Deity, but I cannot work with the new Deity, as It never aligns with the Father within me, nor does it align with my friends on this web discussion forum well enough that any of you are very happy about what is forecast.  I am fully supportive of the Jesusonian view that all consists in the FATHER, and that true worship is accorded to HIM on Paradise; that Father Michael of Nebadon and Jesus are intercessors, and that the prayers we send on high are passed through the Creator Son to Father for work.  I do not apply the supreme to any of this, and for matters of my own estate of mind, I will never oblige myself to a supreme which cannot hear the Father at all.  The present new Deity does not synchronize with the Thought Adjuster ever, which I will never understand the universe replicating a new Deity oversoul that does not do that!  We as humans with Thought Adjusters and a soul already formed under the Jesusonian principles therefore cannot ever bring ourselves to doubt Jesus or the goodness he stands for ever.

I have to state these things so any of you who try to fathom this pickle we are in, can at least understand that your values are either with the Father on Paradise, or they are with the supreme and his ilk of celestial favor being redressed into the Grand Universe until recently.  Do not brush this office as a Besser-Michael argument, but look at it as it truly is.  There is no supreme left of the old guard.  There are two new Deities who are so new they do not yet fathom the problem of no-synchrony with human Thought Adjusters on Urantia, and probably other inahbited worlds too.

For that reason I state to all of you that I cannot or will I ever conduct a LIGHTLINE event with the idea of feeding you the idea of supremacy or its new ilk by two new Deities which seem to be applied to a universe age beyond this one in time right now.  I have to leave it alone only because I am so ignorant of FATHER’S intentions on this subject alone.  Thank you.  Ron Besser

FATHER - “Now I have you Besser!  The last LIGHTLINE you conducted you spoke of the parallel between the need of uses for Mother Spirit and God the Supreme as he used to be.   I have now separated those two alliances and repeated the use of the supreme for the Grand Universe, but indicate in the two new Deities, there must be an estrangement between the new two Deities, and the Ultimate, whom I have removed as an influence once more from Urantia.

“Unfortunately, Urantia is mostly supreme and the new Deities are Father-Son but cannot synchronize with my Thought Adjusters on any subscribing inhabited sphere.  We have our reasons for doing that but it puts all of you on Urantia at risk, and therefore we must withdraw the two new Deities rather than insult MICHAEL OF NEBADON over the Return of Jesus and many other factors besides that issue alone.

“For reasons of Estate, and I mean that word too, there must be good reasons available to you Ron and to the others on this web discussion forum, to understand that the House that Jack built is no longer a reputable place to visit, but at the same time the Jesusonian view must prevail in spite of the House that Jack built still remains but must be torn down with the new Mission coming to Urantia shortly.

“For that reason, I FATHER, do hereby declare any of the old ways out of the way, but must reinstated that the old supreme is gone for good, and that the two new Deities to replace the supreme, are also gone until I can figure out why there is not Son up in the sky over Urantia without the promised Second Return of Jesus.  I fold my tent now and thank you.”

Ron Besser - I have to respond first and then ask MICHAEL OF NEBADON to respond as well.  I fully agree with you FATHER, that what supports us on Urantia is the view there is great goodness in the Bestowal of Jesus.  And therefore we dare not excuse the supreme ever for what he did to Jesus, or did to Urantia, or did to you Father and Michael of Nebadon.  I hold you both dear as well as your Coordinates, but I dare not abide that which is out of synchrony with my own Adjuster and my ascension career in tatters because of this.  I dare not speak fully as I am also angry over constant fluxuations as whether we have the Return of Jesus or not.   Further evidence suggests I am catching hell for saying anything about angels to strangers and I bitterly resent that from anyone striking those slams and punches to me over nothing.

I have received a strange report to me from my eye surgeon when he says I was so upset on the operating table I babbled that angels were present and he sedated me out of total consciousness for saying that out loud.   This first makes no sense to me and why I said that I do not know, but I agree he would not lie about it, but there was evil around me that day I am glad he sedated me so fully for that reason alone.  

Those who read this have to understand I am balancing between life and death every day over issues I hardly put there.  But now that they are there, I am fighting tooth and nail to remove the evil and replace it with t he ideals of our revelation and the history of the Jesus Bestowal.  I am fully aware of the evil but I do not have control over any part of that evil except to abstain totally from their doing.  Already today they are present again, and while Michael warns them, they persist to their own life threatened styles to keep it going.  There must be a full adjudication fo the Lucifer rebellion once more, and I fully support annihilation of those who seek rehabilitation only to save their own skin.  I see no peace of any kind returning to earth without total extermination of rebels who are fully aware of who they are and who must be put to rest and their philosophies fully removed for the peace on earth to be ours again.

While I do not believe they will exterminate as it is up to the Ancients of Days to produce the Justice we need badly now, I am fully aware that Caligastia died by suddenly collapsing in the Day’s supreme court room, and nothing was left but the garment he was wearing, appearing in a pile of material unknown to me.  I did not see Lucifer die but he was already dead when Caligastia collapsed on the floor.  The remnants of the Court Case agains the Lucifer rebellion was recorded and played back to me several years ago and it was a heart in my throat fear when Caligastia walked away from the speech podium before the Bench of the divine Trinity Beings known as the Ancients of Days, and deliberately sneered as he strode and began to walk down the main isle of that Court Room.  I saw him suddenly pause a moment and then did the form disappear into the floor and nothing was left but the laundry situation of a worn out garment bunched in a pile where he was just standing seconds ago.   Yes, I saw that, and I heard General Eisenhower’s story after staying in a German castle after taking the Bridge at Remagen, that something appeared to him to make a deal for Germany and that the General fully exercised his prerogatives and threw the devil out.  Caligastia thought he could win a peace of Germany from Eisenhower but blew it with a physical appearance above the mantly of the great fire place behind Eisenhower and the tables he was writing on at the end of a victorious day.  

These things were all played back to me and in the voice of General Eisenhower as he dictated these incidences to me, I suddenly realized that Urantia has become so compromised that only the alliance of good spirit and a good wash with  Lysol Disinfectant, will make Urantia bearable to live on again.  

It is for that reason or reasons I must state that evil as I never felt it before is never touch my soul, me living on earth or not living on earth, and it must be fully shorn from me and without my consent if necessary to remove any of it from me eternally.  I care very much that these things do not infect anything here, but all of you too must battle the thought that goodness will triumph and that we desperately need the caveat of a Bestowal Son’s power and goodness to restric t his insistent evil to compromise each and everyone of us to lose ascension or even life because of its ever present readiness to compromise good for bad.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania