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« on: September 07, 2020, 12:43:57 pm »
NUA = New Universe Age

Unless you are still in your thirties, and even worse if you are in your twenties, you are likely to notice a slight change in your conscious perception in the day as you go about your routines.

The Indwelling Father in the mind circuitry only-- it is not in the tissues of the brain.  But in the mind circuit to your brain is enough room for the highest and purest spirit that exists in the universe.  The 5th epochal revelation talks about the Father Indwelling and calls it a Thought Adjuster.  Its purpose is twofold in the most important of ways:

1 -  When you and your Adjuster have known each other for awhile, and the average time for a Thought Adjuster to arrive in your mind alone, is about seven years of age now, and that is in spite of all the learning possible up to that time.  The 5th epochal revelation states for its age of writing that it was about six years, and we add six monthst to that for the average than, but not the minds is such a clutter of noise and excitement, the Adjuster usually selects about seven years of age today to indwell you.  So: once he gets used to your style of mind use, he initiates an invisible vehicle that is the useful soul.  Without the Adjuster, you get no soul for yourself, as the soul is invisible and rests on your shoulders down to your waist and it is invisible to anyone but the Adjuster at this point?

Why is the soul so important to get one started to grow for yourself>

It is so important because it is the pod that survies your death and it contains all of your stored experiences and what you learned in the mortal life and even how you use your old human brain to think and even how you speak.  The soul is like your own seed pod and it is alive and it can think on its own all by itself.  The sould grows old with you and when it is old enough it detached and the angels help to train it in classrooms high above you.  Upon your phyisical death, the soul is alive and well and it receives YOU as you are consious and walks you to the train station where you get aboard an angel or an angel train if a lot have to go too, and are taken to the resurrection worlds, and you get a new body and start life off where you left it on a new world of spirit and not of matter as we have it here.

Without an Adjuster coming from Paradise to indwell you, one cannot get this transfer of your life to the resurrection.  All on this planet if your mind is normal receive a volunteer Thought Adjuster usually by age 7 now.


The second most important reason the Father Indwells you, is that the Father knows from the very beginning when you the egg is fertilized in your mother, what you are to become in service to the FATHER  on Paradise.  I am not going to speak to all of these marvelous ways He knows all that, but let me tell you this one:

Only the Father gives humans personality.  Personality does not automatically begin from cells in the brain tissue.  No, rather, the personality--  how you are known as a person--  is delivered to your mother's womb with specialized cells in the womb that combine to open lke a sun flower blossom to the idea of spirit reception.  Your so called chakras are specialized cells that receive spirit energy and transform that energy into your life ministry; the womb of your mother has a special connection to spirit upon the egg fertilization, and it receives the cell instructions to plave five individual cells on the part of the brain called the brain stem,

The brain stem then divides and multiplies until the familiar shape of tissue looks like the brain you see in anatomy drawings.

Those fice cells receive the specail instructions from your Paradis Father as to what you become in service to Him and what you behave like to persons you grow uo with or work with.

Fir this reason the Thought Adjuster now provides the angels and archangels and many other kinds of spirit helpers, a guide to your education and spirit plans for the eternal future if you survive the earth experience.

Adjuster places what you would call a TAG on your personality cells for the angels to read.  That started about five years ago (2016), and is universal, and that means not only humans on this planet get tags, but humans everywhere else in other inhabited planets also get TAGS on their brain stems.  As an aside, in our local space area alone, there are 3.75 MILLION human planets, and most of them--  not all for sure-- look and have civilizations sort of like ours.  All of them get Thought Adjusters and now all receive a TAG on the personality cells to tell the angels that minister to them what they are destined to be in spirit too.

The Thought Adjuster adds the personality to the soul which you share with the soul until you depart the flesh, and the soul transmits its via a communication link to the archangels who secure it until your are resurrected, and then the Father places it back into your new body when resurrected.

For this reason what I am about to tell you next is why I am really writing this post.


I am informed this morning, the 7th of Seotember, Lanor Day in the United States, that my Thought Adjuster has finally transferred all HE must do when Indwelling my mind, in a different way than I am used to use my Thought Adjuster all my life.

The NUA is a trial so far, and we all have to get used to the idea, especially those of us who are nearly done with physical life, and that trial includes re-aligning the Thought Adjuster with the NUA where each Adjuster must pledge itself loyal to the FATHER once more, and that is to prevent human rebels growing up against the spirit Father.

Second, the NUA is fully dependent on the FATHER  right now to bring the rebellion on our home planet to an end.  I battle the rebels daily and get so angry I throw things to stop electronic interference and them taking things and making them disappear.  Do not worry about that for you, but yesterday the entire wallet with all of my credentials was suddenly atomized and gone and drove me nuts as I had to have it for my corona 19 test yesterday.  Rebels do these things to terrorize the normal human.  With me I just get really angry and that seems to help to rematerialize them.   The wallet suddenly showed up on a bedroom floor I did not use.  Never are they helpful.  But this is a good example to tell all of you that spirit can be miserable if it gets into a rebellion against higher authority.  Humans are at the very bottom of the ladder in spirit power and only because the Adjuster indwells us do we have any spirit at all to show the universe for now.

Second, now the Adjuster re-aligns with the Paradise FATHER  and declare themselve loyal to HIM, and then the Adjuster must go through a new process that used to be called SUPREMASIZING but is NOW CALL REALIGNMENT.

This process is like you or me taking a bath towel and wiping off our face to get rid of shower water or dust or antying we need to dry and wipe our face off for some reason.

Realignment requires trhe Thought Adjuster to sit in a bathtub  of sorts and shower off all the promises He made to God the Supreme in the old days, and re-align with FATHER on Paradise by taking delivery of a MODIFIED ORDER OF SPIRIT NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

FATHER had to redesign Adjuster energies. 

He did this by shoving out the old Infinity codes for sharing Himself, called FRAGMENTING, and now no longer FRAGMENTS HIMSELF but directly encounters each life he Indwells with is own persoanl take of what each of you are like.  He used to do this through Thought Adjusters only, but it is now done by FATHER coming to Indwell you briefly Himself with the thought Adjuster, and to understand that very nature each of you are or can be.  For that reason we now have changes of ADJUSTER BEHAVIOR.

i REPORT this directly to all of you.  I am an old hand at Adjuster development so that I know from direct experience what they do and how they do it in the mind consiousness we all call being awake.

For that reason, I can tell you a lot about Adjuster developement that no one else can, except maybe Paul of Tarsus, as He went throug the same thing i did too.  We are unique in that we both know the Father almost like bumpi9ng heads with the Creator of All, as we were seized one day so hard we had to be hospitalized.  I could not write my name for weeks.  I could not remember who I was sometimes and that was not amnesia, and finally my secretary (I was a chief financial adminsitrator for a large civil engineering firm) acted up and I wound up accosted by a policeman who called an ambulance and I was committed for 16 days having to duck psychotic drugs that would have killed me if I took them.  Paul fell from his horse and had to be hopsitalized in Damascus for fifteen days, to give you an example.

We two, on Urantia alone, have this strange and unkind introduction to spirit and it illustrates just how hard we work to understand the Master Spirits of jurisdiction and of the supreme then advising the Master Spirits, what needed done on our planet Urantia with people like me in trouble once in a while over spiritualization.

For that reason I remain very quiet when people in the URANTIA FOUNDATION pontificate about the Thought Adjuster and the reasons HE CANNOT speak to you in the flesh.  As our President of the USA, Ronald Reagen used to say, HORSE PUCKY!  Those individuals live in a fantasy world only a fool stays in and they are staying in it and insisting anyone like those of us who do experience the Thought Ajudter directly, as suffering mental illness.  These are the people who represent the authority of the 5th epochal revelation, and some of them should be spanked for their callous views of what can be done and what cannot be done.

Now, as Labor Day USA is concerned, Adjusters are now a direct threat to spirit sedition and will not tolerate rebellion of any kind when it comes to the moral fortitude of spirit behavior on Urantia and the rest of the Grand Universe with it.


Thought Adjusters, and the 5th epochal revelation also calles them MYSTERY MONITORS, and a few more names I do not recall at the moment, and for this reason no human is ever likely to ever experience them directly until they are old enough to finish brain development.  If you are 20, or 40 or even a little older,  it is not a usual experience to hear from them directly.  I fell off my horse to Damascus at age 47.  Quite rare but things were so portentious the Adjuster moved over me quickly to prevent a wholesale disaster called mental illness if I did not get immediate attention.  For that reason Paul and I are quite different.  Saint Paul was a tax collector for Pontius Pilate or whoever was then Proconsul, and any Proconsul actin on behalf of Rome in those days had the power of taxation and Paul was their collector and held the whole idea of Jesus and his sayings as a distant rumor rather than as disciple of those teachings at the time of his meeting his Thought Adjuster as he walked in a camel caravan taking herbs and spices to Syria.

Paul told me he fell from his horse, but in actual fact, he was waiting on his horse facing a stream of pack camels with goods bound for Damascus, when his horse pulled its front legs up in what was a short rearing over something the horse took exception to,  Paul leaned forward to steady the horse and when he die, the Thought Adjuster ran a circuit of specialized spirit energy to Paul's brain.  It his the cortex instead of the brain stem which the Adjuster aimed for but instead hit the side of Paul's left ear.  That is where all of us use the idea of spatial orientation.  I use it hard, and so did Paul, and both of us get seriously disoriented if we get hit there with a blow or a charge of electrial energy   Electrical energy is what humans would call the Thought Adjuster discharge, and it hit hard and as in Ron's case that is where it hit him too and he fell almost unconscious at first and later exhibet a psychosis in which he was partially paralyzed.

For that reason Thought Adjusters are now taught never to do that again.  But for Paul and Ron, both of the never recalled why they were so poorly treated but welcomed openly full conversations with the Universal Father on the spot.  It was very hard for Paul and even ahrder for Ron, and to this day Ron hates those first months where he could not sleep as the conversations were 24/7

All of this is to tell all of you this will not happen again, but each of you now faces a charge by your Thought Adjusters that will cause you to mentally wonder what is going on with your mind.

First: the trial to eat well getrs bent out of shape.  You tend not to want to eat resularily,.  You tend not to want to go to a lot of trouble to eat at all.  And worse yet, you crave sweets at times as Ron did and he became diabetic to the point he was silly enough to gorge on sugar and then nearly dies of pancreatic poisoning and no doctor ever thought of that and inject him with a serum designed just for that.  In any case this serious error of Adjuster input now is no longer possible and Thought Adjusters are now ready to resume a normal ministry based on normal mind accumulation of spirit transfer of heart and soul fo the human to the future mansion worlds and resurrection.

i AM LOADED WITH PREMONITION.  I live on it and it is highly anxiety producing.  I live alone and like it that way just because my work is Adjuster transmissions to all of you and more.  But I am also loaded with frightening episodes knowing when something is not going to work, or maybe work too well.  I suspected that my book ORIGINS was wonderful doing it with the Magisterial Son, RAYSON and MICHAEL OF NEBADONA and even the CIRCLE OF INFINITY DEITY.  But I was constatnly nagged with the feeling something was calculating a  disaster for us and sure enoug hit has happened.  The publishers stopped work on it immediately when we could not agree on being forced to get legal agreements from graphic artists and they never told me.  As a consequence the book has languished in a pile of no work done for months and I am furious but Steve Gitz has managed to unglue it from their incpetent hands and to move it again.  This time I am assured it will be published, and knock on wood with that too.

The point is that Adjuster premonition is accurate to a fault.  I have them all over the place as did Paul as did Christ and so on.  We are not favored with these elements of pre knowing and they are extremely tought to live with.  My premonmition today is that most of you will never come to realize what you are dealing with ever and will never actually know these elements of conscious existence.  So be it.  But realize that you who have it can be a terror to deal with by other people.  Many of you experience it and many of you have no idea why there is nothing you can seem to do to relax in existence.  I rarely can or do relax and vacations were never much enjoyed because of it.

I am instructed that to speak to this further is useless and I cease it here.  However I also point out to all of you who may read this, the Adjuster now no longer is willing to just chat as mine did with me for thiryt odd years now.  But the compensation is that Adjusters now have no real reason to get upset with unusual behavior on humans contnetions of deep psychological needs and I am loaded with those things too.  However, now I no loger experience the Adjuster in the back of my head but now in my brains's frontal lobes and that is not a particularly helpful place for me to entertain the Adjuster, as I, and most of you, think there. 

For reasons of State now, the Thought Adjuster in you and me and all others now indwell in the superconscious portion of spirit mind.  But their formal practice to Adjuster us, is now located in the frontal lobes or forehead of your face.  Be aware this is headachy areas and until it is modified somehow, you are subject to more headaches than normal.  You are also subject to more anxiety too so beware of psychotic outbursts that used to plague me until I calmed that stuff out of me.  For that reason some of you will tend to QUIT the spiritual search, but that will not change the symptoms.   I also place to your view, that sexual encounters are less interesting then ever before too.  And so on it goes until either the Adjuster determines he is to fuse you by various methods or you die and are transfeered as soul to the resurrection chambers now located on the old mansion world number three of the Satania system. 

I leave this for now, as there remains a subject or two that could be discussed here but I leave this for now.


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2020, 05:55:28 pm »

This is the most extraordinary , deep, intimate revelation related to the most detailed creation of our souls since the very moment  it begins  to germinate in our humane being.

Thank you Ron and all of those behind  this dictate that show their influence to bring this down to us.


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« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2020, 07:36:58 pm »
Ron, I wish to thank you for getting this out for us to read and absorb. It explains a lot of what is happening between us and our Adjusters. I relate well to the symptoms of headaches and certain worries (“anxiety”) as they do occur on occasions and I have to just calm myself over them and keep steady. It is strange that I have so much talking in my head I cannot seem to get it down in words on a page here. It is sort of a flux between direct and indirect inputs. In one way, some sort of way of something being alluded to or something is being impressed upon my mind. In one way I get the sense and in another way I get the impression. The TA may say reassuring things to calm me all the while I, as a human, is still trying to deal with the daily grind of life. 

Here you have given us two posts, one to do with fusion, bifurcation and the other to do with the way our Adjusters are being realigned to deal directly with the Father input in our being as a personality. I am grateful for the explanations given in your post to help us see how it is working and how it is being realigned. Somehow I am now thinking how the fusion can be progressed as the Adjuster will see it when we have come to a point in our life path to fuse. Does this still eventuate into the “chariots of fire” type fusion or is there a new way of this phenomenon to take place. I still get the picture that some of us will transition as per the normal procedure as dying the natural death and will be transported to Mansonia to be resurrected and then meet up with our soul self with our TA where the TA has been doing some superconscious training with the soul to get us ready for universe life. It is at that point we who are to take up that part will be equipped to handle the morontial progression the TA is preparing us for all along. In other words, it is sort of like we are jumping in a dinghy and push ourselves off the seashore in the deep ocean and paddle our way towards the big ship that awaits offshore for us to board. Here we are in a dinghy here on earth paddling our way through the deep ocean of trials and then there is a great big ship to board ready for us to venture as we have gone through the heavy seas of experiences to understand better the way forward in the big boat we endeavour with and with our Father who is very much keen to realign us fully with Him. 

I see a great ship is awaiting us to welcome it and for now we are to walk the life and be better in ourselves for it. How it works, you have explained it in these recent posts to us so as to get us to see there is a real sense of purpose in Father’s way in our walk with Him in the now and in all of eternity that He has in store for us. 

There is so much talking in my head, I have to pause and steady it to try to get it translated on page and for me it is so difficult to do that as it is so fast in thought processes. I am beginning to think that is the superconscious imprint trying to be conveyed but it is rather so dense to try to get it in words. Hence the limiting of language is still such a barrier to overcome in the way how Spirit inputs things in the mind and how the human can relay that in the language that seems to do no justice as it limits the conceptual realities being placed in the mind. I have simply have to just be content to know it and not try to get it down on page as it just does not and cannot be placed well intelligently. The heart and soul is so much higher than the mind circuits as they are so entwined and so intricate in the very way we are designed from the embryonic cell development and so on to living life with our Adjuster and its ministry in our lives. We then become, over time, a well tuned adventurer with an indwelling mate we fuse with it as much as a relationship is with the Father. Relationships have been a wonder to go through for me and I appreciate the experience tremendously as it enables an exchange of trust, of personality development, enjoyment of companionship and then onwards as to how it interacts with others in life circumstances. It is both complimentary as well as confirming the values we hold dear as we live them between two loving souls. I know I speak mostly of the marital affair but it also translates as well with siblings, parents, friends and children. There is such a connection between humans we all relate well in our experiences as we grow and learn to see better through them as we share what it means to us as well. 

Given all that is explained and dutifully allows us to see the progression of the way how our Adjuster works with and in us and how it is to realign with the Father of All to do a more centric affair with its wards. I see how we are being created, how we are to experience and enjoy the simple life in the flesh and how we are to be accustomed to the inklings of the Father in our life’s journey and how this will only explode more and more as we come into a fusion life on Mansonia. I think I will finish it here and I wish simply to thank you and our Father for this education on how the NUA is such a new ocean to trek.

I pause to allow for anyone who wishes to speak here on this subject of the role of the TA in the NUA, is there anyone there who would like to come forward to speak on this please:

“Yes this is Tarkus, One Without Name and Number here to speak. I speak here for the simple reason to say that Father is All in All and that is the NUA as it now stands to reason that the Paradise Trinity has a direct input in the way the Universe is to be run with their input. As it stands, we who are Finaliters and are now tasked with the new functions that we are to administer within our role as the spokesmans of the Trinity. This is in no way a digression to our former selves, but more so to formulate the central idea of the Father who indwells the creatures of time. It is with this function that He sees to it Himself personally and that can be more intrusive in the way He will see how you live life in the flesh as you so do on earth called Urantia. 

“There are many more of you in the many inhabited worlds of Satania along with the entire Nebadon space areas that require a scan of your personality so as to redress the pressures and problems you inherit in your life on a planet. It so happens that Urantia is full of pitfalls and disasters that those of you who are indwelt with the Father are growing outside of the usual parameters that were set in the past. Now, you are being reassessed and functionalized to relate more in line with the TA that is to bring you in more fully with your Ascension Careers as it is now being placed by your TA in universal training. When you are resurrected and obtain your new morontial self, you will come into contact with your Adjuster for intense training that he has prepared for you. You will, in and of yourself due to your personality, will have arrived at a point where it can be taken up in the manner in which you are so ingrained by your previous life on earth. Here you are to deal  with the greater portion of your abilities and to allow for you to strengthen those spiritual muscles in with the TA that is perfectly aligned with you in all respects to your area of development. So it goes for most of you who are progressing with their TA and so you will find yourself in certain areas, classes and training that is suited to your personality, your intelligence as well as your tenacity in dealing with the extreme nature of the task that is presented to you. Such elasticity in terms of the tension versus the slackness will have its form of function to allow for the greater degree of lesson exposure. In that way you will have been given the chance to grow in succession of tensions and then be given time for recovery and reflection to gain the energies to further pursue another round of tension-bearing training. Such that it will cause an elasticity function in progression as you further gain the insights you require to pursue interest in the many areas of studies that await you. 

“I say this now to prepare some of you if not all of you who may wind up in Mansonia and this grants you the perception to know that your Ascension Career is properly aligned with the best intentions for you as you attune more and more with the Father with His TA in with you. I am Tarkas, and that is about as much as I can tell for now to better appreciate what Father and for that matter, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit is reaching out for most to arise to in relation to the aspirations of pursuing the eternal adventure that is yours to take up if you are so willing. I wish you all a good day and may the peace of the Father be with you all. Good day. K”

Thank you very much Tarkas for that and I appreciate you coming forward to further the education we will be having in our Careers with FATHER. Good day to you and thank you all.