Author Topic: TIME LINE DOCUMENT- History of the Events since 1992- what we went through  (Read 646 times)

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Dear List,

The link to read this about 73 page document on PDF is in the General Category but it is mentioned here since the Timeline is pretty much a detailed history of what happened since 1992.  1992 is a very important years  since the Creator Son of Nebadon started a program that taught humans who read the 5th epoch revelation, how to directly transmit via a live voice to students who would gather in each others homes to hear the teachers speak live and answer their questions.  

This Timeline documents all those years of this ground breaking work by the Creator Son and the celestial teachers who volunteered to do this work with Urantia humans.  


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Cool. I was born in 1992.

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So often we have been informed that we do not have to worry about anything at all regarding our final destination. Now why do all the things that have happened and can continue to happen, because the state of the Universe is evolution and therefore there must be a permanent dynamism in which many things can happen, including unexpected situations and surprising. Very monotonous if we did not face challenges and challenges that are what force us to grow. Sai Baba on the matter says: "The man tends to the least effort, and if inescapable challenges are presented to him, he stays where he is." So we must remain unshakable and attentive to everything that may happen and whatever it may be, maintain faith and trust in the Universal Father who is Love. And now with that great transmission from Rene, the Father speaks to us of his interest for benefiting us with assistance and resources never imagined in our dearest dreams. This for me should calm all the doubts and setbacks that we may be suffering from so many setbacks and difficulties that we have been going through. Thanks

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Yes, Father is the glue that keeps us to stick together through thick and thin. We're gonna need duct tape!!