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Thank you SongatSunrise
Hello Everyone, here is a summary with some transcriptions of today's 
Light Line 11-24-2020

Ron and Phyllis: Welcome
There are 12 listeners today.
MC: Michael: To all, we thank you for being loyal, and ready to help. Most have donated and thank you.

Donating foundations are the backbone of charities in the US. But accountability is strict. They want you to spend the money only on what the money was requested for, or else it will be terminated.
Ron has 6 corporations.
The tax preparer is not good. Ron is requested to do the tax returns himself.

Father: To the Magisterial Sons: please understand what Ron is saying is correct. We need the money so we can distribute the ER.

I pray. . . (Father praying to Father?) There are various levels of Fatherhood. Existential
Deities need to know we need the funding.
Ron - make sure the bank gets the donations weekly. Thank you.
Michael: Welcome all

Ron's pain has not lessened. The stent in his heart is still not working, hence, fluids are accumulating. Ron is swelling around the knees. What to do? Let it go for now.
Ron's swelling knees are elephantine. Ron is to be removed to be healed. He'll return with no heart, no soul, no brain. . . returning as a morontial.

Tarkas has been called to an emerging difficulty in a nearby universe, Sensalon.
Sensalon is under the gun -- now fighting the Absolute Supreme. There is now an uprising to overcome an attack on free will. Tarkas is there for that.

Tuesday is a low attendance day because it is a weekday, But also there is Thanksgiving coming up. People visiting relatives tend to be careless -- wear the mask! Wear it as long as you can!
The virus is like a vampire. It's in the air. Ron had a flu shot and had Covid 10 and is now immune. But the virus is life threatening. It is designed to kill. That is the only way it can replicate.

Michael: Welcome Tarkas!
Tarkas: Welcome. I had an emerging situation to take care of before it became a large one.
We are now a Federation, and Nebadon is the capital of 8 local universes including Nebadon. We are helping Sensalon administer adjudication for the Lucifer Rebellions and the Supreme rebellion against the needs of the population.
The other universes may face this same trial eventually.

Ron wrote to Sue : The Paradise Trinity is 3 existential Deities which unify all experiences into one.
Read the post.

Father divided infinity into 7 absolutes. It is like a pie. Take one part out and it is an "absolute". Put it back in and it is Infinity. It is Counsel to Father.
The Supreme used to unify, organize and classify experience into infinity. All that people have done means something. The Supreme reclassified our experiences so everybody could use it. But Supreme insisted he was better than Paradise. The ascension careers were affected. With him missing, no one could reclassify our careers.
We need someone to reclassify, so our careers can do what they are supposed to do.
1:27: Machiventa: interference is deathly. The creative spirit interferes with our body.
(Tarkas: Move Ron and us toff Urantia -- or recreate people as not free will beings) Impossible.
The Personality is bestowed at conception and has free will choice. We can't change that.
Today the Creative Spirit is to be removed to Uversa. Ron chokes when she gets too close.
1:30: When it indwells Ron, it sets off bells. Ron has a serious allergy to the Creative Spirit.
Deity Absolute: Ron: I am going to order the Urantia cabal is to rescind itself into the discrete presence of the Creative Spirit. Draw back the emanating power.
1:33 Free will cannot function with you nearby.
We are asking the Father to remove the Cabal and assisting angels.
Some UBook transmitters don't ask for clear channel.
All of you (us) are informed of the ER. The present Urantia Book will have to do for the next 6 weeks.
The ER is not going to be photographed.
(begin transcription)
Machiventa: I am back! Ron can't stay under the circumstances.
Until we can figure out why the world is so topsy turvy we cannot make any headway with anything further until we resolve the differences that Ron in particular is incapable of overcoming. He has a serious problem with the Creative spirit. If stood next to you you would have the same choking problem.

Michael: Machiventa: I am back on Urantia, Hallelujah! I am here out of sadness because the truth of the matter is that Ron cannot stay under the circumstances. The Deity Absolute has made it clear he is not changing the world order for one person to stay alive on Urantia while we figure out how to do everything we need to do in a mission. For that reason, Michael said OK, we'll draw him back. But then the Deity Absolute says, we have now come to the conclusion that Ron understands as well as we do what the problem is. And how to go about at least reducing it.

He says to us today one of the reasons Urantia cannot cope with change is the fact that change represents moving out of the safety of the status quo. One of the reasons I wanted, and this is Ron speaking, a public public view of the Magisterial Missions, where there was an office you could walk into was to make the change visible, and contactable and reasonably explaining why it happens.
Up until now you have never had that on Urantia. It needs to be on Urantia, whether I am here or not.
The Deity Absolute says he's got it.
We now understand the reason for the Magisterial foundation, and the other supplementary corporations including the library, which I think is marvelous. (end transcription)

Machiventa: Purchase an outbuilding to store the library in.
It needs air conditioning. Machiventa: it is not problem to donate money for the outbuilding. For those of us who donated, continue!
Pay Pal is complicated and doesn't allow for the closing of an account.
Credit card companies charge a percentage of every transaction. Last year they charged Ron $800.00
Minimum is 2%. Maybe more.
1:46: Magisterial sons also see the need of money for other purposes. Ron needs to be included in the conversation.
Questions or comments:
(feedback: streaming) (Transcription)
Elise: The new deity that is the Absolute Supreme, and because it has the name supreme, should that be changed into another name?
Ron: It's legitimate. That was a term used by Prem'tor, adjuster of Sue Whiley, and I have only carried it through because that is the term the TA prefers to use, as it does indicate the idea of the old supreme. I hear some activity. May I speak with you:?
I am Prem'tor: Sue cannot transmit any response to your questions. I do not understand it. I do not follow the reason why it is difficult for her to transmit, but I'll transmit through you. It is this:
We suspect that the entire renovation of the so-called Absolute Supreme, and this to answer Elise, is not subject to change.
That means that the title may stick. If it sticks, it is a contradiction in terms to your mind, Ron.
Ron: Yes. It is is this, Adjuster. I can take it two ways. I can take it as a title to indicate to what level the supreme has been elevated for Counsel. and not concern myself with the obstruction of what looks like an oxymoron, that is, a self-contradiction. I don't have to take it that way, if it is just for counsel.
I fully understand that, but it is not.
Elise you have asked the most pertinent question, and it has no pertinent answer. We are still trying to understand why Father would choose to move the idea of Supremacy to the circle of Infinity. Because if you recall, the seven Absolutes preside over the circle of Infinity. But why would the supreme at least in intonation be raised to that level? We don't know. We don't understand it and we leave it at that for now. An unfinished work, Adjuster.
Yes. Thank you

Elise, that seems to be the best we can do. We need to understand there is a contradiction at times, at least in material language.
Universal Father: I as the Universal Father, did not mean to introduce a contradiction. Ron does not see it as a contradiction if he looks at it as a level of control and Counsel. That is what it is supposed to be. I did not mean that it was a Unity.

Pre'mtor: Thank you It clarifies it tremendously. May I speak further.?
You have spoken to Sue in terms she fully understands as useless for her to pursue. Why is that? She feels she is not capable of answering questions through her own intellect. But she is not being asked to answer questions through her own intellect. She is being asked to transmit MY intellect. We now understand that she has a very serious problem and that exposes it. We will take care of it on our own.

Thank you Adjuster for explaining the explainable.

Elise: Is there now Deity in God the 7fold. Is that place now sealed off and we cannot take part in the adventure of our wholeness?

Ron: Please understand the 7fold no longer exists as it once did. We no longer have that chain for ascension. It is still in place, but it is not working as it once did. They will have to understand somehow how the Master Spirits and the ancients of Days may be able to close that gap without the supreme in it. But the supreme was part of God the 7fold, and he no longer exists. I keep explaining these things and it is like water rolling off a duck's back.

When you remove a box car from the train, unless you can re-link the box cars, you make the train useless. That is what has happened with 7fold. We also have problems with the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth. In both cases those were under the care of the Creative Spirit that did not destroy the Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of Truth, but it made them inoperable in places. Now I have heard the Spirit of Truth speak. It has even spoken to me. I don't quite understand what is operating, I'm almost afraid to ask until things settle down, because I have a feeling that the explanation today is not the explanation tomorrow. So I leave it alone.

But for heaven's sake's, the NUA is predicated not on willful change, but accommodation until we can make willful change. I suppose this does not make a whole lot of sense to anybody listening, but at the same time, it is true.
God is mysterious. And it is even worse that the visible facts that were available are pulled back into the shadows. In some cases that is what is being done.
Just persevere, and let God bring it back as he wills. Thank you Elise.

(Gitz couldn't get through)
Thanks for the time it takes to get here and for the support.
QandA from Ron Besser(see above post):

Qtn ONE: What difference does the DA make to the unification process the Trinity did not have?

A: word popped in: “functionality: it has to be functional, to be useful, like a well oiled machine

Qtn TWO: This is a difficult question - one that hinges on free will and unification of the AS’s actions

A: Adjusters have a role in this. Father is the Controller and Unifier. AS’s actions report to Father in relation to unification as only Father can do that. AS is a “repository” for the Trinity’s use.

Qtn THREE: Ron uses the words “conform”, “how” and “in cooperation”.....

A: The only way that is doable is faith and love in the Father as the Universe Controller and the AS(Absolute Supreme) is also acting for Father’s purposes.

Qtn FOUR: 

A: These are Trinity Entities - Father Entities endowing other aspects of control and presence - The Master Universe as a time construct is growing into perfection - hence the Perfector of Time. 

The immanence/emmanence of AS is very much akin to the Adjuster work as well as the Spirit-fused angels.

RB: Where do we go with this concept? Does the 1st Epochal Revelation address the idea of AS at all?

The mention of the word “abstraction” [meaning - the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events or something that exists only as an idea] and further request to seek out this “abstraction” into living entity that must find its way into time better than it is right now - we are missing pieces that new Deity needs to comply with its responsibilities. RB further presses on inquiring the matter of responsibilities of the AS and its role of placement.

A: Yet to be revealed, to conceptualize, to manifest itself through space-time and in all the Local Universes - You will need to wait and see as to its revelation of its creation.

Both the DA and the AS corresponds and reports to the Paradise Trinity frequently to engage universal actions in time. The Trinity is very much involved with the DA and the AS - nothing or no Entity, for that matter, behaves independently as it were in the old supremacy. Rather, it is a familial dynamic. So the DA and the ASs’ responsibilities are interchangeable in with the Father and the Trinity unity. It corresponds with TRI-unity of function. (Adjuster emphasises the capital and lowercase placed in the word TRI-unity).

Ron, please excuse me here, I am relating what I am given/sensing from TA. Hence, why the answers are short and to the point as I receive them. 

Wendy, thank you for your comments and greetings to you. The Consummator of Universe Destiny is outside of the Master Universe and is not mentioned by my TA in these briefings. The thought is that they are looking in with concern (i.e. due to the rebellion) and with jubilation now, that the Paradise Trinity are reinventing the machinery of the Time Universes and are allowing greater Adjuster input as they do the work of the Father’s love in all Ascenders.

The Consummators are the watch-carers and know much more than we do. The secret of the universe design is safe with them on one caveat: it must culminate into perfection, as it is the Father’s mandate which is so clearly stated for all time creatures (namely, be it mortal beings, non-mortal beings, angelic beings, High Sons and Great Spirit Entities and so on). All are to “be ye perfect, as I Am perfect” (says the Father).  That is what is being relayed to me as it comes as I write this. 

Okay, these are my notes as my TA helps me to get this in some sort of sensible order in the way the questions were placed. Now I pause and listen carefully to what Pre’Mtor would like to add in answering these inquiries. Prayer: Father these are valid questions and remarks and I find them intelligently placed, can you please describe to me what responsibilities and changes are being made in relation to the newly formed Absolute Supreme(AS)?

P: Yes, I can describe to you, but please pause to reflect on what was the previous old supreme. You all know well it worked fine up till a certain point in which it was immature to notice a decision on its own can have adverse reactions and consequences. As such, you know what happened and the rest was history. Now enter a newly formed AS Entity entirely transformed from the old as it no longer can act on its own merits but in relation and always in uniformity with the will of the Father. This is now the safety-catch mechanism whereby all time experiences are now in a “repository” that the Father/Trinity has the keys to and are the drivers of the machinery of Time and for that matter the Master Universe. The DA is also in unison with this newly created mechanism whereby it gives substance to the DA’s function of potentialities.

The AS grants that, just as you would see a house standing without a roof. The DA is the roof but oh so much more as it can also develop into a high rise tower that can reach to the outer limits. Such does the AS and the DA function as one unit and construct, and as such, are ever dependent on the Master Designers to make it workable in all facets of extenuating growth. 

Sue here: suddenly there is a pause - a silence...I wait for it to resume the discussion….
Dear Father, I lost the connection with you, will you continue please?......

P: That is interference once again and you caught it good. I have had to pause in wait, as the circuit I am using gets pulled by those who wish to pull the rug out from under us. Be aware this is always going to be occurring, but I need you to remain strong in your energy to resist the temptation to give up. You did not, and so I am able to reconnect only because you are able to withstand the antagonisms the rebels keep pulling at every side. You are vigilant, good!

Now this: I am still going to allow further discussion but it needs to be placed well in the revelatory papers. Mantutia, do you have this included in your work on the 1st Epochal Revelation?

Mantutia is speaking now: Pre’Mtor, this is a newly constructed concept and I am not privy to the detail you are now making known. I am adamant this must now be included in another paper perhaps as either an additional Paper in the new book or it could further be placed as an edition in a periodical piece later on. However, there are sufficient essays on this very subject and that is included in the new book and is discussed at length as to the very construct you are allowing us to recognise as fully being addressed. It has been somewhat of an idea of a reinvention and now it seems it has come to pass. I am delighted, as it is confirming what most of us of our ilk have suspected that may come to be. Your discussion is most welcome and I am greatly updated to this information. May I recommend that this be further elucidated in the Melchizedek Schools on Salvington?

Pre’Mtor speaking here: Most certainly Mantutia Melchizedek. You will get that handed to you from the Ancients of Days as we are allowing all SuperUniverse Capitals to learn of these changes. Further, as the Adjuster of Sue, I am making it plainly obvious to a mortal of time, who can transmit me, to understand that at least there is something afoot that brings good news to all Ascenders who understand the importance of having an orderly function in and beyond the Master Universe. This is as much as needed to be grasped as that, in and of itself, secures the process of Ascension of Time creatures to perfection. 

That will be all for now and I sign out. I bid you well and may my peace be with you all. Yours truly, your Father. 


Sue’s Prayer: Thank you Father, thank you Mantutia Melchizedek so very much. I am greatly educated by what you have shared and given to us to know. Amen. 

Ron, I thank you for the questions you have asked, as they are incredibly important ones and as such has prompted the TA to respond through me as I go through the motions of each. As it is in my mind, it is beyond me, but the TA is able to cut through and nudge all these responses and I quickly catch it and write them down. It is still a lot of practice as I feel I am still trying to get it right. In this case, it came through in ways, I have to be quick to jot it down in my notebook these thoughts that come out from nowhere!!!

I hope I got most of this right. When I look back on these pages. I think it has a lot there that answers but very briefly. I am delighted that Mantutia came in on this and is recommending further Papers on this subject. I am not sure if it is covered already in the new book or whether it may require a periodical revelation to come later on. It seems to me a tentative proposition as they(upstairs) are still uncertain as to the timing of this.

I will leave it there for now until my TA or others of you with your TA would also like to speak on it as well. 

I am tired now after a busy working day. I think it best I give this a rest for now. Good night, dear brothers and sisters! And once again I wish to thank you Father for all that you do, it is surely good news you herald for us to know. May the Father’s peace be with you all. 

52 cartons of 21 books each, sitting somewhere in a warehouse, amount to 52x21=1092 books. If only they could be sold, let’s say for 50$ each – this is not a fixed price – the shipping cost not included, the earnings could be 1092x50=54600$, perhaps not enough to cover the expenses of the Magisterial Foundation, but at least it could help in some way or another, by adding to donations. Just thinking aloud. 8)
General Discussion / "Fast answer"
« Last post by Rene A Duran on November 24, 2020, 04:54:21 pm »
"Fast answer"

By The  Universal Father and Monjoronson.
November 23 2020, Phoenix AZ.

The scribe calling Monjoronson:

-My teacher Monjoronson ....

Immediately reply

"Indeed René, I am Monjoronson by your side, this is as fast as the presence and the answer to your questions can be.

The scribe:
-Lord Monjoronson, can you express your presence.

"I am in the air that you breathe, I am in your heart, I am the eyes with which you see, why do you insist on looking for me outside when I am inside?

-Excuse me, I should know better.

The Universal Father:
"This is your Universal Father giving free rein to my well-known extracts of wisdom with the scribe, the meeting is unusual, the comment we have had very accurate to give an idea to your readers of the seriousness of our announcements that we are in the plant  low.

The scribe:
-Actually, if so, rejoice is ours.

The Universal Father:
"We do not have any limitation as to how, or who we are going to surprise, in our plans are those who decisively appear for the mission that should already be in other more advanced stages of development.
"But that is not the point today, what has brought us to this shore is the request of the scribe, very subtle we would say here, he wants to know if we are serious in what we announce.


"We are serious, we are going to carry out the most spectacular of missions on Urantia, with the collaboration of mortals prepared from the cradle, practically, they should not distrust our mentions that have failed on other occasions.
We hope that this time we have never gone as far as this time

"I am Monjoronson, the Havonal Son at your service.

The scribe:
-Thank my Lord.
You are very kind to answer my call.

"Be in peace.

"I am Monjoronson leaving the scene."



"Respuesta rápida"

Por El Padre Universal y Monjoronsón.
Noviembre 23 2020, Phoenix AZ.

El escriba  llamando a Monjoronsón:

-Mi maestro Monjoronsón....

Inmediatamente responde

"En efecto René, Yo soy Monjoronsón a tu lado, esto es lo más rápido que puede estar la presencia y la respuesta a tus preguntas.

El escriba:
-Señor Monjoronsón puede usted manifestar su presencia.

"Yo estoy en el aire que respiras , estoy en tu corazón, soy los ojos con los que ves , por qué te empeñas en buscarme afuera cuando estoy adentro?

-Perdone, yo debería saber mejor.

El Padre Universal:
"En efecto.
"Este es tu padre Universal dando rienda suelta a mis consabidos extractos de  sabiduría con el escriba, es inusual el encuentro , muy atinado el comentario que hemos tenido para dar una idea a tus lectores de la seriedad de nuestros anuncios de que estamos en la planta baja.

El escriba:
-En realidad, si es así que regocijo el nuestro.

El Padre Universal:
"Nosotros no tenemos ninguna limitación en cuanto, ni como, ni a quien vamos a sorprender, en nuestros planes están los que se apersonan decididamente a la misión que debería estar ya en otros estados de desarrollo más avanzado.
"Pero no es ese el punto hoy, lo que nos ha llevado a esta orilla es la petición del escriba , muy sutil diríamos aquí, desea saber si somos serios en lo que anunciamos.

"Y sí.

"Somos serios, vamos a llevar a cabo la más espectacular de las misiones en Urantia , con la colaboración de mortales preparados desde la cuna, prácticamente, no deberían desconfiar de nuestras menciones que en otras ocasiones han fallado.
Esperamos que esta vez sí, jamás habíamos llegado tan lejos como en esta ocasión

"Yo soy Monjoronsón, el Hijo Havonal a su servicio.

El escriba:
-Gracias Señor.
Es usted muy amable de responder a mi llamado.

"Sean en paz .

"Yo soy Monjoronsón dejando la escena".


« Last post by gitz on November 24, 2020, 04:31:52 pm »
We were not able to ask questions today during LightLine USA due to telephone service interruptions and failures, and ironically, addressing the telephone service that we have now and wishing to upgrade was the subject of my question to be posed,  but was not able to be heard for technical reasons.  So, here is the question:

First, we welcome Machiventa Melchizedek back to Urantia and hope that He is to be the permanent Planetary Prince on Urantia.

Second, today Machiventa announced that funds will finally be made available to cover the costs for a heated out-building to store the boxes that contain the First Epochal Revelation for pictures taken (very important for the world to see) and eventual dissemination.

Now the question:  if resources are about to be placed in the Magisterial Foundation, could Machiventa be allowed to donate enough money to allow us to build the telephone system that we need so desperately, especially with the tough road ahead anticipated?  Ron, has Charles been able to give you an accounting of the cost to do all that we/you have proposed for a state of the art communication system?

Finally Ron, can we use the room attached to the double garage that holds the safe?  It would be easy to clean up that room and install an electric heater to keep the room toasty enough.  Security would need to be installed for that room, but that can be accomplished quite readily.  One more sentiment:  I am thrilled to here the good news about your legs and knees to soon be attended to.  This time it seems more than plausible, as spoken today.  We pray for that to be done soon.  All for now, Mr. Morontia Man.


@Sue, I grapple with these thoughts too as we scurry around to gather the necessary components that will bring about a semblance of unity; which maintains the integrity of infinity, so that we too can ascend.
We have been told 'unity is achieved only when ALL the CONSUMMATORS work together'. The new Absolute Supreme's job description is in the making and we're privy to witness the unfolding thereof! What a tremendous advantage to our ascension careers. Wendy
Gooday everyone,

Here is the link for Lightline USA - TUE 24 NOV- includes Q & A
Thank you kindly Ron. There is a lot of thought put into your questions and I am deeply considerate as much as you are. Yes you do point out a lot that needs to be brought out in regards to the responsibilities of the AS and its relation to the DA and the Trinity. My Adjuster is hinting to me even as I read your question. Something is abuzz I am sure. I have taken notes in my notebook as I read your questions, all the while the TA is watching how I think through your questions. I have to dwell more on those questions and how the TA looks at them. You are right to request that I press further to flesh out more details on this subject. I have to go to work shortly and will return to it later this day to inquire this matter with TA as to what further can be said. The initial impression I am getting is that the Universal Father is the Controller and Unifier when it comes to these Entities. I am not sure what is being hinted and how much change has been made. Again I will need to take it from the TA after my work when I sit to ponder more on this and hear what Pre'Mtor may share with me. Thank you so much for an interesting response. Good day to you all.

DONATE PLease / General Announcement: We Need People to Make Applications
« Last post by Ron Besser on November 24, 2020, 11:48:19 am »
General Announcement: We Need People to Make Applications

The Magisterial Foundation needs funds.  We need deep pocket funding to the size of our commitment to the Mission purposes of the Magisterial Foundation.

What that means is we need people who can write and make application to the major funding Foundations in the United States and Canada to help us out for our work.

If you have any experience at all in writing a grant application or can learn to do that to the list of corporations I have provided an internet link to below, please let me know to work things out.

Our funding is to educate the world population about a cosmology, not a religion.
Our funding is to enhance the distribution of the epochal revelation text book.
Our funding is to provide the means to provide internal maintenance of Internet provision and the cost of supplying publications having to do with education and outreach for major social changes coming.

We need to develop good and better reasons than I have stated above and we need to work together to get our requests in in hopes of receiving a grant to help fund The Magisterial Foundation for all of these activities/

Here is a list of Foundations and their contributions to the funding streams of many charities.

Foundations which give Grants to Applicants seeking Corporate Aid

Please respond here or write me or both.  We need to make application soon or miss the 2021 funding year.  If you can do this work we need you!

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