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« Last post by Ron Besser on December 02, 2020, 09:27:36 pm »
Jose, you are asking for something that if answered I think would reveal what happens if our Master Universe becomes Infinite.  The Urantia Book speculates it might never occur as even the Revelators do not know how that is possible.  But the fact that the Deity Absolute now confesses HE is God the Absolute, might tell us a little bit more than we had in 1934-1935 when the 5th epochal revelation was indicted with the Sadlers in Chicago.

I said to the FATHER this evening when I saw your question, "Does this fact st and up as truth Father?" He said yes.  I then asked Him, does this fact that our Master Universe has the number five, lend itself to the idea that there is more than one Master Universe.  He said, "No, there is only one Master Universe, but it is to be subdivided into seven parts and not all are Absolute and not all are Infinite but all are of TRANS-SPACE."

TRANS-SPACE i have spoken to before but never in a post of its own.  Fully explained I cannot guess, but it is modified space that we have today that makes it permeable to move between all seven sectors of the Master Universe, providing you have the reality  quality to mover through various Trans-Space sectors without having to kill yourself first to do it.  That is kind of a joke but if you cannot cope with the absonite you cannot move out of Sector 3, the old time-space area of the Master Universe.  But if you have completed you Absolute adventure, you can move fully through the Master Universe.

This is where it gets interesting though Jose:  Transpace (spell it now without the hyphen which they now prefer), allows the Infinity of our Master Universe to be an adjunct to the Transpace that lies outside of Infinity.

That means, I think, an open door to the never ending adventure of learning and progressing.  I do wonder if that could imply that certain Orders of creatures may become so useless and outdated, we simply cease to exist?  Father says perhaps for a few but they will be rescued and made into other  types of entities to refute out classification and purpose.  But he also says that the idea of humans will long be gone then and no such Order will exist in those far reaching and distant developments.  It is for that reason I do not pursue it further Jose but we can speculate a lot but without purpose as it must never be said we get so big we have no room to expand further in any of our attributes as ourselves.

Ron (with the help of Father and my Adjuster and Michael of Nebadon and  Michael of Avalon.  Surprised?  This implies to me we have the Federation involved with these developments today too.)
We had a very good call today.  
TARKUS was our MC.  We heard from CHRIST MICHAEL, CHIEF OF FINALITERS OSIRIS, and Van gave us a transmission through Elise.  Ron gave us two very powerful transmissions that were transmitted by MICHAEL OF AVALON, through Ron from the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE LIAISON, and another from FATHER INCARNATES numbers four, five,and two.  Here is the link.  I think you will really enjoy it as it is packed with a lot of valuable information for us.

« Last post by Jose Vargas on December 02, 2020, 04:46:48 pm »
Dear brother Ron:

Wow! Our Master Universe is number 5 !!!  How many more Master Universes are there? Are there an infinite number of Master Universes?

José L. Vargas Núñez
Dear Weydevu,

I need to do a better job of giving you fair warning of when your turn is coming up in the cue.  I write the names down in the order that hands are raised and, to assist those in the cue, I will try to be more thoughtful by announcing the next two people in line instead of just the next person who indicated they had a question.

I find listening to the response being given for the current question is always so intriguing and I understand the challenge of quickly trying to re-gather our thoughts to move on to the next inquiry.  Feel free to remind me at the beginning of next Lightline, Weydevu, to give a heads up to at least the next 2 callers with questions, if you believe this could be helpful.

I would like to apologize to the list for asking questions and not have my facts right. In my mind I know there are seven circuits of Havona and each world is a university but sometimes during a Q&A session when my time comes up I forget to mentions these things. I knew I had screwed up when no Celestials had no reply. THANK YOU FATHER for coming to my rescue and patting me on my ego. It's almost impossible during a LL to find papers relating to the subject at hand. I will try to be more prepared next time. The Celestials warn us about saying things and not have our facts right, oh how soon we forget. Thank you.


« Last post by weydevu on December 02, 2020, 01:16:36 pm »
Thank you Lemuel that gives me a better understanding of my question on Tuesday's LL USA. Thank you Ron for clearing things up as i see it. I understand things better when I take them home and reread them. I haven't made it home yet but I see the value of what's being said. Thank you again.


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: THE GREAT COSMIC MAN
« Last post by Wenebojo on December 02, 2020, 11:02:31 am »
Ron, thank you for your reply and I will work on a short sermon based on those five paragraphs. Until then with Jesus's permission I would like to submit a few quotes of his on the subject. "At the center of your soul is the Sacred Heart. This is the point at which you are one with God. The heart sees infinity within and without. It can behold perfection. And it can ascertain the origin of conditions and change them. The heart is your highest intelligence. Your heart is centered in a viewpoint of infinity established by your Creator. Thus honors your individuality, the oneness of God and the integrated unity of all that is."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             "This heart I speak of is the lens through which your soul integrates all of your earthly emotions and all of your divine awareness into a focused point of infinite possibility. This is the source of your power your Creator has established within you, not your mind. Your mind is merely a servant, and it behaves well if it is given positive impulses; it behaves very poorly if it is given negative impulses. The heart generates all of the earthly emotions as well as compassionate feelings from the higher realms. But it is so much more than just emotion. It is infinite awareness, and the basis of all the higher consciousness you will ever assimilate. It is from this power, within the center of your being, that the entire script of your life is written."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "Live in your heart then, to either fulfill the script of your life or to rewrite it. Not your mind.  "                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
TRANSLATIONS / 2.12.2020 – Dr Mendoza o szkodliwości marihuany
« Last post by Andre_P on December 02, 2020, 10:35:07 am »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Myśli, dumania i dygresje / Rośliny i duchowość
« Odpowiedź nr 5, 1 grudnia 2020 r., godz. 23:31:31 »

(Tłumaczenie z pewnymi skrótami)

Mówi dr Mendoza odpowiadając na pytanie Clency'ego o wpływ marihuany, w szczególności na hipokamp.

Ron cały czas używa swojego hipokampu, ale w rzeczywistości woli przekazywać przez krtań . . .
. . . W każdym razie, Clency, hipokamp jest preferowanym organem do odbierania wiadomości z nieba, ale mówię o tym, jak Ron używa swojej jedynej pozostałej struny głosowej . . .

. . . „Hipokamp jest używany jako neuroprzekaźnik, który dzieli wyrazy na sylaby, żeby były czytelne. Rozumiemy przez to, że hipokamp odczytuje częstotliwość wibracji i wibruje zgodnie z częstotliwością, którą reprezentuje. Ja przekazuję Ronowi na częstotliwości 103 521 617 kHz, lub w terminologii duchowej, używam widma dźwiękowego 1,03 centomarków (CM). Centomark jest równy 3125 kHz (kiloherców), a jeden kHz jest równy 0,3152517 CM. W waszej terminologii jeden kHz to 1000 cykli na sekundę . . .

. . . W każdym razie my przekazujemy na 1,03 CM, czyli ponad 103 miliony kHz i hipokamp słyszy to z łatwością, ale niemowlęta by oszalały próbując tego użyć.

„Teraz kwestia marihuany, konopi czy canabisu, to jest to samo. Jej użycie niewiele wpływa na hipokamp. Mózg, niezależnie od tego, coście wyczytali, nie ma receptorów marihuany, choć ma receptory narkotyków halucynogennnych. Te receptory w mózgu są reliktami mózgu orangutana, ponieważ wy, homo sapiens, jesteście bezpośrednimi potomkami, nie Andona i Fonty, ale kolorowych ras sangkikowych, w tym człowieka niebieskiego. Ron jest prawie zupełnie niebieski, a ty Clency nie jesteś czarny ani indygo, ale z rasy podsaharyjskiej, która prawie zniknęła i utrzymuje się tylko w miejscu, w którym się urodziłeś. Twoja rasa Clency nie jest indygo, ale podsaharyjsko-pomarańczowa, dawno temu zalana przez rasy indygo, gdzieś w dziesiątym pokoleniu mieszania rasy pomarańczowej z człowiekiem niebieskim. W skali czasu twoja rasa obecnie jest datowana na około 415 362 lata temu. Status rasy kaukaskiej Rona jest prawie w 100% niebieski, ale ma on przodka indygo i z białej rasy wczesnoegipskiej dynastii przodków Tutenkhamona, dziesięć tysięcy lat przed narodzeniem króla Tuta.

„Wam obu ci dawni przodkowie przekazali geny zmodyfikowane przez krew Adama i Ewy i w wyniku tego obaj jesteście duchowo wyżej od większości wokół was.

„Powiem również, że większość tych, którzy dołączają do Rona na Lightline USA jako uczestnicy, ma prawie identycznych przodków, jak ty i Ron razem.

„Powiedziałem wam to wszystko, żeby wrócić do wpływu marihuany na was obu. Ron odmawia używania wszystkich narkotyków i nigdy nawet ich nie spróbował. On nienawidzi mózgu pogmatwanego lub marzycielskiego i nalega, żeby czystość była w nim, a nie gdzieś indziej. Jednak ty Clency eksperymentujesz i zebrałeś szerokie doświadczenie z tymi rzeczami i to cię trochę kosztuje w przekazywaniu, ponieważ hipokamp, którego używasz do przekazywania, jest zamglony wskutek używania środków roślinnych.

„Sam hipokamp nie ma receptorów, niezależnie od tego, co zacytowałeś, ale on wyczuwa, że jest używany przez narkomanów i odmawia wchłaniania takich rzeczy jak kokaina, ale wchłania składniki kanabisu i dlatego może stać się głuchy na częstotliwości poniżej 100 Hz.

"Ron zużył swój i ma zamiast tego plastyczną masę w mózgu, więc teraz używa swojego gardła. To niespotykane, bo jego Dostrajacz mu to umożliwił z powodu druzgocącego pragnienia przepisania książki o POCHODZENIU. On zrobił to wszystko i chciał iść dalej, ale Rayson mądrze postanowił pozwolić jego głowie ostygnąć i nie zmuszać innych organów do przekazywania przez Rona. Teraz jednak nowego rozwiązania dla Rona i ciebie, Clency, też byś chciał. On może słuchać całym swoim ciałem i podejrzewamy, że jego silny ból nóg jest częściowo związany z konsekwentnym przekazywaniem na najwyższej częstotliwości we wszechświecie, która jest bezpośrednim wkładem Ojca Wszechświata, bez pośrednictwa tłumacza. Zdarzyło się to dwukrotnie w całej historii wszechświata i jest tak rzadkie, że tego nie sklasyfikowano, ale z jakiegoś powodu Ron nie ma żadnych złych skutków tego. Dlaczego ? Nie wiemy.

„Ty Clency korzystasz wyłącznie z hipokampu. Twój jest w porządku, zdrowy i pełen elastyczności. Ron ma płaską powierzchnię, na której kiedyś był i ma dwa, ale ten drugi nigdy nie uczestniczy w przekazywaniu i dlaczego ? Nie wiemy dlaczego tak jest. Wszyscy ci mówili, że Clency nie szkódzi sobie marihuaną, jeśli chodzi o hipokamp, ale zadusisz się na śmierć za nasępne około sześciu lat używając marihuany w sposób, w jaki robisz to w tym momencie. Ona hamuje wykorzystanie wapnia w organizmie, a bez wapnia twój kręgosłup będzie się wyginał i ostatecznie zostaniesz kaleką z tego powodu. Jeśli przestaniesz teraz, możesz cofnąć już wyrządzone szkody, jeśli się to uda, bo nie możemy tego stwierdzić przez badanie, gdzie w tym momencie jesteś od strony zdrowia.

„W końcu, tu dr Mendoza, Ron uwielbia pracować ze mną i ja z nim, jednak szybko się przyzwyczaja do tego, że jego nogi są zamarznięte przez większość czasu i nie jest to to, czego chcemy dla niego. Potrzebujemy Rona dla naszych własnych celów, bo to zaowocuje większą liczbą książek okresowych objawień, z czym tylko on może sobie poradzić, ponieważ do ich przekazania w celu opublikowania potrzebne są wysokie częstotliwości. On jest gotowy do tego i my też, ale potrzebujemy pozwolenia Bóstwa-Absolutu, żeby róbić to z Ronem, ponieważ jest gotowy, żeby umrzeć i wie o tym i czuje to, ale powstrzymamy to. Mając 78 lat przeszedł wszystko, co człowiek jest w stanie i nadal czuje się mało doświadczonym dzieckiem. Gdyby tylko jedna dziesiąta ludności Urantii była taka, jak Clency i Ron, z pewnością mielibyśmy Światło i Życie na Urantii.

„Prosimy cię Clency o ograniczenie stosowania narkotyku. Twoje szkody, jak najlepiej potrafimy ocenić, są niewielkie, ale są już szkody i mogą spowodować skrzywienie kręgosłupa w starszym wieku. Zapewniamy cię jednak, że przez resztę życia, jakiekolwiek długie ono będzie, będziesz miał zajęcie, ale z konopiami tracisz rok życia co dwa lata przy takim używaniu konopi, jak teraz.

„Dziękuję. Tu dr Mendoza. Życzę wam wszystkim powodzenia. K”


(Clency został tu użyty jako teoretyczny przykład. W rzeczywistości on nie używa żanych narkotyków, ani papierosów.)
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Herbs and Spirituality
« Last post by Ron Besser on December 02, 2020, 09:14:52 am »
Clency, how spirit takes on subjects for illustration is never explained well enough at times.  I took it from the spirit dictation from above you were a user, which is not true you make clear, but spirit does not differentiate illustrations as personal or present or not present.  It is the time thing again and boy I do not get used to it easily.  All I can say is that I took the intimation of use as  true but it is not you personally but anyone who uses marijuana on a strictly regular basis is subject to bone deformation in one form or another and for the reasons stated above.  My apologies for thinking as I did, and spirit says this to all of us:

"You Ron carry the day but not the knife to cut away ignorance.  We do.  We used Clency, IF HE WAS A USER, to illustrate what would happen to him in a few short years.  You are correct and have gotten into trouble wit h others before for assuming that the illustration was that person, but really wasn't.  It is a time thing and a valuable lesson for all of you to learn as transmitter Hosts of LIGHTLINE too.  You are the perfect example of what can be exciting and fun to use this situation so well we continue to use it.  SPIRIT."

« Last post by Ron Besser on December 02, 2020, 09:06:36 am »
Lemuel, I bravely moved to correct the word spelling in your title of the thread to the correct ending.  You living in Spain naturally use the DOR ending on masculine gender nouns.  It is an English equivalent to use the TOR ending for that which the Spanish language uses the ending you did.  You are such a practiced speaker of your adopted community in Spain it is quite a natural way to hear the ending as you first used it.   However, since the Urantia Book uses the "TOR" ending I corrected your thread title to read it that way too.

Now that said, I wish to comment by the Universal Father on your transmission of this unusual subject.  I dearly love to hear as much as I can gather from transmissions from these--  what shall we call them?   Entities?   I do love  to hear anything from them and about them as my imagination really gets fired up by the concept they are as living forces.   The Father says to me this morning:

"We are glad to have Lemuel approach these entities, but he must learn that the deference he feels gets in the way of his choice of vocabulary.  You Ron are so sensitive to language usages you hear the slightest nuance and make amends for usages that were not intended.

"For instance you are fully correct to point out in the Romance Languages, the endings are meant to convey the same thing to the mind and different cultures use sound differently.  But in this case the TOR ending on Consummator is not as you suggest, but as a sound that conveys "nuance beyond infinite recognition."   Let me explain:

"The desire to know this information is inherent in you.  But the desire to know this information is alien to Lemuel, and as a result he fights to keep it on a level he can comprehend and did so in this particular transmission.  That is the problem with individual human minds; they are not easily comprehended even by Deity, and are sometimes so lost in subconscious desires to avoid the use of certain concepts,  they fail to gather  the entire meaning even in a direct transmission like this one was.  Lemuel will never comprehend what you easily do Ron, and that infuriates him when he cannot hear what you hear.  SO:   Finally we gave him what you hear for him to hear and it almost frightened him to take it on.  Why?  We do not  fully understand such a mind either, but he must learn gravitas to obtain levels of perfection he feels, right now, as unimportant.

"You call it pigeon holing, and that means, making strict categorizations of subjects that are off limits or on limits to learn.  HE is pigeon holing the entire spectrum of Infinity as unknowable--  which it is--  but you Ron insist that elements of Infinity are knowable at least as to how it works.  That is true, but even religions, as Christianity in particular does, puts most technical issues of Deity aside in favor of  blissful ignorance.  That is, indeed, Lemuel, and for that reason he may partake of the Consummators of Universe Destiny, but not easily.  You on the other hand are a natural Consummator watcher and you are never going to be without that connection again.  I love being able to share the deep secrets of our existence where I can, and I hold nothing back from the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit as the Conjoint Actor, but even the Master Spirits cannot fully come to grips with the future work of the Deity Absolute.  That Deity Absolute is a fragment of God you never think of as part of me, yet it is as you contemplate it for your own information, yet you never speak to it as you do here for reasons you do not want to disturb the calm waters of Infinite by over examining the Absolutes themselves. 

"For that reason Ron, stand back now and then and let people pontificate over these things without fully realizing your work is so specialized I wonder if we have a place for you, bu then I see how you handle LIGHTLINE so well and so easily, I know we can use you anywhere.  The truth is we have interlopers all the time at your side as you provide ignorance a chance to see LIGHT they do not otherwise see, and for that reason you gather the sheaves well around you without upsetting them as they used to get for your abilities to work with ME in all circumstances.  In this case we are looking at the Consummators of Universe Destiny, as a subject, and not as a philosophy and for that reason you do so very well. 

"Lemuel is of a different order of brain function, and while it is superior in matters of elucidating profound issues of State, it cannot fathom the profound issues of God as you attempt to do and do very well.  The book ORIGINS is an example so rare I still think of you and Rayson as one as you were from time to timer and he makes it clear you are an excellent particle physicist and you are finding it fascinating even more to use the particle stories told to you years ago and still resident on your computer as viable still and helpful to understand the entire subject.  Rayson slaved to give you that table but then forbid you to publish it.  Now he wishes you had published it for now it is dated and needs revisions galore and we keep it hidden now for good.  For that reason the Consummator of Universe Destiny number four and number seven ask you to destroy it when you can get to it.  Be assured it matters very little to us but there are some big errors in it we rather not see get out.

"Finally, Lemuel is to be cheered by the fact that the Consummator of Universe Destiny number ten is like him.   For some reason Lemuel has no real issue other than to be entirely at odds over the idea that Infinity can be broached at all, and for that reason is very difficult to teach certain concepts you take on easily.  Our work is universal, and to be a Universal Censor requires decades of millennia to conqueror, and you have started so well Ron we keep you in mind for the Trinitized group who love this work beyond all measure, but you need to finish a morontial career already decades old for you and for some others on this discussion forum already.  They who stick with you are ready for Jesus.  No one else is, and believe me would you gloat if he arrived today.  But you will be saved that difficulty because HE is held back slightly only and beyond your time on Urantia not, but through a different mechanism we can employ just for circumstances Urantia is undergoing right now.  Be of good cheer Ron!  Lemuel will make it, as they all will, but they take flight in different directions from you and your friend Gary who still ponders you as the most amazing friend he ever had including a wife who adored him as you did but found it boring to live with a pedestal. 

"I conclude that you are facing life again Ron in an ugly mood, and this is Orion, the Finaliter without a cause right now, as you are moving so fast in thought these days you carry no moss.  You say I did not check your north side, but anyway,, stand back for a momentary discussion with you alone and I make this clear to the the discussion form that much is to be cleared out of your names soon, and that is because the entire matter of the 1st Epochal Revelation, is now so heated up on high, Ron will have it shortly to do with it as he wises.  The Consummator of Universe Destiny Number Four and Number Seven and Number Nine are at your service too.  I am Orion and conclude this for the FATHER:

"WE are prepared now to provide you all a new chance to listen to epochal revelation through other transmitters other than LIGHTLINE schedules, but Ron you are not the only one who will rock Urantia with these calls.  We now are sure you have a few hosts ready to claim leadership in this are too called the Forum which you will use exclusively as a new subject to materialize shortly when you open the 1st epochal revelation to the world on an international web site for all who can hear the English version.  It will be spectacular for its easy use of the English language and for your humor you love to use when people get upset or rowdy because they know you are jokin gand calm down.  Leave all alone for now and wait for the impress of the Advent Publishing to appeal to you as a mere spray of light as you saw in your imagination looking at it.  Leave copyright alone and let others figure out how you do things so well they dare not copy for fear of being struck by lightning.  K"

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